ASTER joins consortium of French companies to support electronics education

29 Nov 2023

ASTER supports ESLAP program

On November 29, ASTER Technologies signed a consortium agreement bringing together industrial and institutional partners wishing to support, each in their own way, the ESLAP project led by the GIP Campus E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries. Industries.

The ESLAP program (Sovereign Electronics, Logistics, Purchasing, Production) was selected by the jury as part of wave 2 of the “Compétences et Métiers d’ Avenir” (Skills and Professions of the Future) program of the France 2030 plan, and is supported by the French government to the tune of € 3,277,550.

The action plan is designed to support the Electronics sector, which is in urgent need of recruitment. This context calls for the deployment of new training offers attractive to young people, and for the training of senior technicians and managers capable of designing, programming, producing, recycling and testing electronic boards and systems for strategic sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, transport, telecommunications, medical, defense and energy.

This approach is in line with ASTER’ s teaching of electronic board testability to students in the PASTEL undergraduate and the MLAI Master programs.