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Ensure reliable and robust performance

The rapid advancement of technology has led to the development of complex systems that require powerful and reliable electronics. From data centers and supercomputers to artificial intelligence and robots, these applications push the boundaries of computing capabilities.

The complexity and criticality of these applications necessitate thorough testing procedures to guarantee reliable and robust performance.

ASTER’s DfX solutions ensure that computer-intensive applications meet the high standards of performance, efficiency and quality required in today’s technology-driven landscape.

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Detect failures before they happen

ASTER’s software tools enable defect identification early in the development cycle. By achieving high test coverage, test engineers can uncover hidden bugs and potential crashes to push failures upstream from production operations.

This proactive approach enhances the overall quality and reliability of the application, leading to a more robust and dependable end product.

TestWay software validates our test/inspection strategy selection and gives our teams confidence in our supplier’s implementation. The output of the program gives us granular and actionable information to improve test and inspection, allowing us to push failures upstream from our manufacturing operations.

S. Arfania

Senior Test Engineer at Intuitive Surgical


DfX Platform Featured Capabilities

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Leaner, faster, better NPI process

ASTER’s DfX platform provides software tools for CAD, DfM, DfA, DfT and Test Coverage Analysis, as well as Program Generation for Assembly, Inspection and Test equipment.

  • Lesser physical prototypes: Design-for-manufacturing (DfM) verifies if the PCBA design aligns with manufacturing process capabilities, reducing the necessity for physical prototypes
  • Improve test efficiency: Design-for-test (DfT) ensures that design is optimized for effective testing during PCBA production
  • Enhance product quality: Test coverage analysis (TCA) improves product quality by striving to detect and prevent all defects, prior to PCBA fabrication