Computer-Aided Design

Verify, visualize and troubleshoot electronic designs

CAD for the electronics industry

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of software tools to create, modify, analyze or optimize an electronic design.

CAD software can increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design and improve communications through documentation.

  • Schematic capture software help designers to create and edit circuit diagrams and generate netlists for layout
  • Layout software help designers to route and place components, check for errors and generate files for fabrication
  • Simulation software can help designers to check for errors and optimize parameters

They trust us to deliver the best value for their software investment

The interoperability challenge between CAD tools & formats

Electronics manufacturers need a software solution that provides a unified platform for the verification, visualization and electrical troubleshooting and repair of PCBAs.

The ASTER DfX software platform offers comprehensive CAD management solutions, enabling engineers to verify and troubleshoot electronic designs by:

  • Importing CAD formats such as GENCAD, CAMCAD, FATF, Gerber, ODB++ and more
  • Checking data consistency between schematic netlist, layout and bill-of-materials files
  • Visualizing schematic, layout and netlist with full cross-probing capabilities between views
  • Comparing PCBA revisions between Layout-to-Layout, Layout-to-Netlist, Layout-to-Gerber and Gerber-to-Gerber files