validate layout prior fabrication


DfMExpress is a fully integrated DfM software enabling designers and electronic manufacturers to validate layout designs, prior to fabrication.

DfM analysis tool

DfMExpress allows the configuration of Design Rules Checks (DRC)Design-for-Manufacturability (DfM), and Design-for-Assembly (DfA) analysis profiles by simply dragging & dropping pre-defined rules, setting filters and thresholds.

Users can lean on  pre-configured industry checks such as IPC standards, and adapt thresholds to local manufacturer constraints.

Additionally, a low-code interface simplifies the programming of thousands of checks, to automate the verification of design guidelines.

Validate layout prior fabrication

DfM analysis eliminates the need for multiple board re-spins, due to manufacturing requirements that were not taken into account in the design process. It automates the design guideline verification to produce boards that follow a set of best practices.

V. Leboeuf

Dassault Aviation

DfMExpress has become an important tool for our DfM engineering efforts. Its software programmability, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive analysis reports have improved our verification process, making it more efficient, accurate, and aligned with our design guidelines.

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For DfM and DfA analysis

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  • CAD importers
  • Embedded layout viewer
  • Mechanical DfT analysis
  • DRC, DfM and DfA analysis
  • Pre-configured rules
  • Library of industry checks
  • Programmable rules using low-code interface
  • Configurable reporting


Tailor-made solution

Configure DfMExpress to fulfill your requirements

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Fully integrated DfM software

The visual graphical interface makes it easy to configure and program rules and reports on analysis results.

  • Import layout data such as ODB++, IPC-2581, GENCAD, FATF, or direct from native CAD layout data
  • Use pre-configured DfM checks such as IPC standards and adapt thresholds to local manufacturer constraints
  • Create custom rules using low-code interface to automate the verification of your design guidelines
  • Navigate through the cockpit visualization environment, to review, sort, classify and comment on any violations
  • Use standard templates to generate Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF reports
  • Customize the report structure with Report Designer, to fit with corporate requirements

Board visualization

DfMExpress is powered by QuadView visualization

  • Create layout views from standard formats such as ODB++, IPC-2581, FATF, GenCAD, or direct from native CAD layout data
  • Convert 2D layout view to 3D view and navigate through the board
  • Cross-probe between layouts and reports

Cockpit visualization environment

The cockpit provides a graphical environment to visualize the analysis results. It offers full interactivity with the layout view. Navigating through the cockpit, users can review, sort, classify and comment on any violations.

  • Utilize advanced filtering options to display errors effectively
  • Cross-probe between cockpit and layout view
  • Use standard templates to generate Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF reports

Advanced reporting

DfMExpress analysis data can be exported in a variety of formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe PDF.

The report structure is defined by a template, which could be easily edited with the free Standalone Report Designer, to fit with your corporate requirements.

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