Industry 4.0

Design for Excellence (DfX)

Optimize manufacturing efficiency, product reliability and quality

DfX for the electronics industry

Design for Excellence (DfX) is a set of principles and practices used in electronic design, which encompasses methodologies that focus on optimizing manufacturing efficiency, product reliability and quality.

The “X” in DfX represents different aspects or characteristics that can be optimized, such as:

  • Design for Manufacturing (DfM) involves designing products in a way that simplifies and optimizes the manufacturing process
  • Design for Assembly (DfA) aims to minimize assembly time and decrease the likelihood of assembly errors
  • Design for Testability (DfT) focuses on designing products that are easy to test and diagnose for defects during production processes
  • Design for Quality (DfQ) aims to reduce defects, improve reliability and enhance overall product performance

The ASTER DfX platform provides software solutions for CAD, DfM, DfA, DfT and Test Coverage Analysis bringing digital continuity to the PCBA design and production industry.


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