Computer-Aided Engineering

Simulate, analyze and optimize electronic designs

CAE for the electronics industry

CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) use computers to assist in the design, analysis, testing and optimization of electronic designs. CAE is widely used to improve quality, performance, reliability and efficiency of electronic devices.

  • Reduce development time and cost by enabling faster prototyping, simulation and verification of electronic designs
  • Increase product reliability and durability by detecting and preventing potential failures and defects
  • Improve product performance and functionality by allowing engineers to explore different test alternatives and scenarios

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Applications of CAE in the PCBA design and production industry

One of the challenges of using CAE in the electronics industry is the compatibility and interoperability of different CAD inputs, machine data logs and tools from different vendors to ensure digital continuity from design to production.

To overcome this challenge, engineers need a software solution that provides a unified platform for analysis, assembly, testing and optimization of electronic designs.

The ASTER DfX software platform offers comprehensive solutions for CAD, DfM, DfA, DfT, test coverage analysis, enabling engineers to simulate, analyze and optimize electronic designs by:

  • Importing CAD formats including layout, schematics, models and netlists
  • Checking data consistency between schematic netlist, layout and bill-of-materials files
  • Visualizing schematic, layout and netlist with full cross-probing capabilities between views
  • Optimizing PCBA using DfM and DfA to improve the quality and yield of board fabrication processes
  • Analyzing PCBA using DRC and DfT to prevent defects and optimize the design of electronic systems
  • Simulating test scenarios using test coverage analysis to determine cost efficient test strategies