AFNOR Spec C2212

22 Jun 2023
Credit: Electronique biz online magazine

ASTER contributes to the release of the first AFNOR Spec C2212

Afnor Spec 2212 is the result of two years’ work by a group of design, process and manufacturing experts from ACB (Atlantec), Actia, ASTER Technologies, Cimulec, id3 Technologies, MBDA, Safran, SEB and Thales.

This synthetic document updates the approach of NFC93713, which “defines the printed circuit board by setting out the general characteristics and the mode of expression of the specific characteristics”.

Its latest report, dated June 22, states that “Routing Classes, which are mainly imposed by the choice of component housings, make it possible to deduce the associated routing parameters while leaving a certain latitude according to the design, in order to obtain an industrial design by construction and at controlled cost.

Once the specification has been understood, its numerical tables and graphics are grouped together in the form of an A3 flyer for easy day-to-day use on paper, prior to direct integration into CAD tools already planned with the market’s leading editors.