As the design of your product evolves, it gets increasingly difficult to understand what has changed from one iteration to the next. However, with the Comparative Data Checker, users can instantly determine the differences between two versions of a project. By analyzing both attributes and graphical comparisons, users can instantly assess design changes.

The product and engineering teams have teamed up to enhance the standard configuration currently available within TestWay Express & QuadView.

The new functionalities include the possibility to toggle between different views, track component position and a new test tab allowing itemization of differences between part value & tolerance, pin connectivity & solder mask size as well as test points and nails.

ASTER Product team

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New features

Available for purchase within TestWay Express & QuadView. Contact your sales representative for a quotation and request a temporary license for your evaluation.

Toggling views: Press “M” key for full overlay or differences only.






Component tracker: follow the yellow line to locate the new position.


Test tab: generate and create excel reports for easy sharing among users


Standard configuration

The Assembly tab is part of the standard configuration of TestWay Express & QuadView.

Available free of charge.

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