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CompanyCategoryProductsASTER Features
LayoutTestExpert (Fabmaster)Layout & Netlist Importer
LayoutAltium DesignerLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicAltium DesignerNetlist Importer & Smart PDF, TestWay integration
LayoutAllegroNative Layout & Netlist Importer, ODB++ Importer, Test Point back-annotation
SchematicAllegro (Cadence Allegro)Netlist Importer
SchematicAllegro Design Entry HDLSchematic & Netlist Importer & Smart PDF, EDIF Importer, Test Point back-annotation
SchematicConcept HDLNetlist Importer, EDIF Importer, Test Point back-annotation
SchematicConcept SCALDSchematic Importer
LayoutOrCAD LayoutLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicOrCADCaptureNetlist Importer & Smart PDF , EDIF Importer, Test Point back-annotation
LayoutUNICADLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicBoard StationNetlist Importer
LayoutBoardStation BoardStation XE FabLink XELayout & Netlist Importer, Test Point back-annotation
SchematicDesign ArchitectSchematic Importer
SchematicDesign CaptureSchematic & Netlist Importer
SchematicDesign CaptureKey-inNetlist Importer
SchematicExpedition EnterprisePADS DX DesignerSchematic & Netlist Importer & Smart PDF
LayoutExpedition PCBXpedition PCB LayoutLayout & Netlist Importer, Test Point back-annotation
SchematicPADS DxDesignerPADS xDX DesignerNetlist Importer
LayoutPADSPower PCBLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicXpedition EnterprisePADS xDX DesignerSchematic & Netlist Importer
LayoutCadstarPCB DesignLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicCadstarPCB DesignNetlist Importer
SchematicCR3000Netlist Importer
LayoutCR3000PWSLayout Importer
LayoutCR5000Board DesignerLayout Importer, Test Point back-annotation
SchematicCR5000System DesignerBoard DesignerSchematic & Netlist Importer & Smart PDF
SchematicCR8000 Design GatewaySchematic Importer & Smart PDF
LayoutCR8000Design ForceLayout Importer, Test Point back-annotation
SchematicE3.seriesNetlist Importer
LayoutTHEDA AUTOBOARDLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicTheda IncasesNetlist Importer
LayoutVisulaLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicVisula SchematicNetlist Importer
LayoutACCEL P-CAD PCBLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicTangoNetlist Importer
SchematicAeroflex UUTDBNetlist Importer
LayoutDocica 3.2&4.1Layout & Netlist Importer
LayoutP-CADLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicP-CADSchematic & Netlist Importer
LayoutASTER Quick StartLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutCadlink IILayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicCadlink IINetlist Importer
SchematicDpdataSchematic Importer
SchematicTestWayNetlist Importer
LayoutEagle CADLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicEagle CADSchematic & Netlist Importer
SchematicDedale/DecadNetlist Importer
LayoutBartels Auto Engineer (BAE)Layout & Netlist Importer
SchematicBartels Auto Engineer (BAE)Schematic Importer
SchematicCadnetixNetlist Importer
SchematicAriadneNetlist Importer
SchematicCalay Prisma V05Netlist Importer
SchematicCADES-GNetlist Importer
LayoutSupermax ECADLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutTestSightLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicEDIF 200Netlist Importer
SchematicCasconNetlist Importer
LayoutPantheonLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicBoardmasterNetlist Importer
SchematicDazixNetlist Importer
SchematicVeribestSchematic & Netlist Importer
LayoutVeribest PCBLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutGenCAM StandardLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutIPC-2581Layout & Netlist Importer
LayoutIPC-356Layout & Netlist Importer
SchematicJTAGNetlist Importer
Layouti3070Layout & Netlist Importer
LayoutARES ProteusLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicProteus ISISNetlist Importer
LayoutMiggerLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutEasy-PCLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicProtelNetlist Importer
LayoutProtelLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutCAMCADLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutSeetrax RangerLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutGencad DataLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicLasarNetlist Importer
LayoutUnicam 6.2Layout & Netlist Importer
LayoutEnterprise 3000Layout & Netlist Importer
LayoutODB++Layout & Netlist Importer
LayoutODB++XMLLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutTrilogy 5000Layout & Netlist Importer
SchematicWorkView Office Power View ViewDrawSchematic & Netlist Importer
SchematicEDWinNetlist Importer
LayoutEDWinXPLayout & Netlist Importer
LayoutPulsonixLayout & Netlist Importer
SchematicPulsonixNetlist Importer & Smart PDF


CompanyCategoryProductsASTER Features
ICTIFR4200, FX4200, 4200CAD Converter, Coverage Loader
ICTIFR5800, 5800Coverage loaders
AssemblyFTIP-2CAD Converter
JTAGCORELIS ScanExpressCAD Converter, Coverage Loader
AOIOPTICON 2D & 3DCAD Converter, Coverage Loader
AXIOPTICON X-LINECoverage loaders
JTAGCASCONCAD Converter, Coverage Loader, Viewer integration
JTAGJTAG ProvisionCAD Converter, Coverage Loader
AOISJ10, SJ50CAD Converter, Coverage Loader
AXI5DXCoverage loaders
AXIx6000Coverage loaders
ICTi1000CAD Converter, Coverage Loader
ICTi3070, i327xCAD Converter, Coverage Loader
JTAGx1149CAD Converter, Coverage Loader
AXIBF-X2CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
ICTGR228x, TS12x, all TestStation, LH, LX, Duo, and TSRCAD Converter, Coverage Loader
ICTSPECTRUM 88xx seriesCAD Converter, Coverage Loader
ICTZ1800CAD Converter, Coverage Loader
ICTZ8000CAD Converter
AOIAOI 2D & 3DCoverage Loader
AXIV 810CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
JTAGXJDeveloperCoverage loaders
JTAGScanNavigatorCoverage loaders
JTAGScanWorksCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
WCTMPTCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
ICTAnalyst ictCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
WCTCH2, CR, Easy Touch, and CH+ (easy-wire)CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
WCTCKT 1175CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
AOIFlex HRCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
FPTCondorCoverage loaders
ICTSigma MTS300Coverage loaders
ICTCT350Coverage loaders
AssemblySMT assembly machinesCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
JTAGonTAPCoverage loaders
ICTJET300CAD Converter
AOIZenithCoverage loaders
AOIMV-SeriesCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
AOIModusCoverage loaders
AOIAOI ProductsCoverage loaders
AssemblySMT assembly machinesCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
AOIYTV SeriesCoverage loaders
AOIVT RNS, VT WIN II, VT-S500,VT-S720, VT-S730Coverage loaders
AOIS22, S36, VT9000HDCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
AOITRION Series, VT9300Coverage loaders
AOIEagle 8800Coverage loaders
AOIAOI systems, BF-Family, BF-Voyager, BF-Frontier, BF-3DiCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
WCTSynor 420xCoverage loaders
FPTPilot/Aerial (Viva)CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
ICTStrategy (Viva)Coverage loaders
ICT3030 (Leonardo)CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
FPT4030, 4040, 4050 (Leonardo)CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
WCTWizeCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
FPTAPT1400, APT8XXX, APT9XXX, APT96xxCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
JTAGDiaTem StudioCAD Converter, Coverage loaders
FPTGR PilotCAD Converter
FPTJavelin 1004Coverage loaders
FTLASAR, L200, L300CAD Converter
JTAGTH_JTAGCoverage loaders
AOITR7500CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
ICTTR518, TR5001, TR8001, TR8100CAD Converter, Coverage loaders
AOIVi-SeriesCoverage loaders
AOIV 510CAD Converter, Coverage loaders

A selection of our customers:

A selection of our customers
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Electronica Munich 2022

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ElectroTest Expo 2020

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