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ASTER Technologies QUAD News
The ASTER Technologies
June 2009   Volume 6   Issue 1
Inside this issue...
  1. Get a free test coverage analysis!
  2. Aggressive QuadView pricing benefits for new customers.
  3. ASTER and Agilent announce collaboration in providing seamless Test Coverage Analysis.
  4. QUAD provides advanced FMEA root cause analysis.
  5. ASTER announces improved 24/7 WEB support.
  6. AlfaTest is appointed as distributor in Southeast Europe.
Get a FREE test coverage analysis!
Test Quality Report for TAKAYA Flying Prober, GOEPEL Cascon ASTER is offering a FREE board level post-layout test coverage analysis report that will represent the overall test coverage provided by a combination of test/inspection systems used for testing a product. All we would need is either a FabMaster FATF file (complete with device.asc, labelset.asc and nails.asc) or the CAMCAD CCZ file that is used for the test program generation.

In return ASTER will provide a HTML report that shows the percentage of devices fully tested, the percentage of devices partially tested and the percentage of devices NOT tested. Each device can be expanded to show individual information by pin; signal name; the type of test and whether each pin is tested, based on the same PPVS criteria that is used within the TestWay tool.

TPQR is built around the powerful QuadView, layout and schematic viewer, allowing users to visualize coverage at both device and pin level for any combination of test/inspection machines within the production line after test program debug, such as:
Agilent Technologies: 3070, 5DX,SJ10, SJ50; Teradyne: Z1800, Spectrum, GR228x; Aeroflex: 42xx; TRI: AOI, ICT; Takaya: APT800, APT900; SPEA: 3030, 4040; Omron; Orbotech; VI Technology; VISCOM; Saki; Acculogic; Asset; Corelis; Goepel; JTAG Technologies and XJTAG.

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  ASTER announces aggressive pricing of their scalable viewers
ASTER have aggressively re-structured the pricing of their suite of scalable QuadView viewers, in order to provide strong competition in the board viewing market.
The new pricing allows users to purchase any combination of viewers and in particular it is possible to purchase a layout viewer that incorporates the ASTER "QuickStart" technology, which allows the loading of complex board designs in a matter of seconds. This powerful layout viewer can be purchased for as little as $2.160 (€1.550).

QuadView has been developed to provide users with a wide range of viewing capabilities that include Layout views that can be created from a number of industry formats such as GENCAD, CAMCAD, FATF and ODB++, etc; Schematic views that can be uniquely created by digitizing a searchable PDF file; and the innovative Netlist Navigator that provides a virtual schematic view, reconstructed 'on the fly' directly from a netlist. Tester Fault Ticket and manufacturing and engineering documentation are also available thus enabling full interactivity with Layout & Schematics.

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ASTER collaborates with Agilent Technologies for Seamless Test Coverage Analysis across Test Platforms
Christophe LOTZ, CEO of ASTER Technologies, said, “With a test line combining a wide range of test & inspection equipments from various vendors, TestWay Coverage Analyst becomes mandatory to obtain precise and detailed reports, using impartial test coverage metrics.”
TestWay Coverage Analyst: a push button test coverage analysis tool ASTER and Agilent Technologies Inc. formerly announced during the APEX show in Las Vegas, a strategic partnership to enable integration of ASTER's “TestWay Coverage Analyst (TCA)” across Agilent's printed circuit board assembly test platforms.

TestWay Coverage Analyst provides a push button test coverage analysis tool for pre-layout coverage estimation and post-test program coverage measurement using PCOLA-SOQ coverage metrics (Presence, Correct, Orientation, Live, Alignment, Short, Open, Quality). It is compatible with the Agilent Medalist i3070 & i1000 platforms, and various other test and inspection production line equipment, such as Optical and X-Ray Inspection, Boundary Scan Tester, MDA, Flying-probe Tester and Functional Test.

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QUAD provides advanced FMEA root cause analysis
ASTER integrates FMEA root cause analysis within his Quality Management tool (QUAD).
ASTER has now integrated FMEA (Failure mode and effects analysis) within the QUAD, Electronic Assembly Repair and Quality Management tracking system. QUAD ("QUality ADvisor”) is a MES software suite developed by ASTER Technologies for providing full traceability of any PCB electronic production data, providing powerful support for PCB fault diagnosis and access to real-time data.

Ishikawa fishbone diagram By providing an advanced Root Cause Management capability, QUAD can more easily explore the possible causes of failures relating to defects, allowing QUAD to identify and process the real cause of the problem, rather than processing the symptoms (defect codes).

The goal of the root cause analysis is to discover:
  • What is the problem?
  • Why is there a problem?
  • How to prevent the problem from occurring again.
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ASTER announces improved 24/7 product WEB support
Christophe LOTZ, CEO for ASTER Technologies, said "We pride ourselves on providing best in class products and we want to ensure that our customers receive first class on-line web support 24/7."
ASTER Web product support ASTER has announced a significant improvement for their product support, by providing on-line WEB support 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Customers can now request support an any of the ASTER products by simply accessing the "Customer Support Login" web page.

Following login based on license file, customers have access to a wide range of material and information such as application notes, presentations, technical papers, product updates and legacy revisions.

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AlfaTest appointed as distributor in Southeast Europe
Peter Collins, Marketing Manager for ASTER Technologies, said "We are extremely pleased to be working closely with AlfaTest because they have an excellent track record of sales, service and support within Southeast Europe."
AlfaTest, your test partner ASTER is pleased to announce the decision to appoint AlfaTest as the official ASTER distributor within the Southeast European countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

There are a significant number of leading contract manufacturers operating within Southeast Europe, and a growing number of design and development companies that we believe will benefit enormously from using TestWay and QuadView-TPQR.

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