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ASTER Technologies QUAD News
The ASTER Technologies
May 2006   Volume 1   Issue 1
Inside this issue...
  1. ASTER opens UK Office
  2. ASTER presents paper at EBTW in Southampton, UK
  3. ASTER and Router Solutions provide Test Strategy Management solution
  4. ASTER introduce ‘QUADView’ board schematic & layout viewer
  5. QUality ADvisor provides total quality management flexibility
ASTER opens Direct Sales & Support Office in UK
ASTER, the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability review and test coverage analysis tools are pleased to announce the decision to open a direct sales and technical support office in the UK, as from the 3rd April, 2006.

The UK subsidiary will become ASTER Technologies Ltd, and will be managed by Peter COLLINS who will become the sales and marketing manager. Christophe LOTZ, Director of the ASTER product division said, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Peter to manage the UK office, because of his extensive background within the test and electronic manufacturing industry, it is an important step in establishing ASTER Technologies presence within the UK and Ireland”. Peter joins us from JTAG Technologies, where he was responsible for technical marketing and DFT consultancy across a wide portfolio of boundary-scan products and customer applications.

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ASTER presents ‘functional defect coverage’ paper at European Board Test Workshop
Christophe Lotz said, “We see real benefits in being able to predict the test coverage provided by functional board test”
ASTER will be presenting a technical paper on “Functional Board Test – Defect Coverage Analysis, at the forthcoming European Board Test Workshop, scheduled to be held at Chilworth Manor in Southampton, UK on the 24th & 25th May.

This paper describes how the PPVS model can be used to calculate test coverage using a functional board test (FT) strategy.

Christophe Lotz, ASTER Product Director said, “We see real benefits in being able to predict test coverage provided by functional board test, because in many situations, optimal test coverage is not achievable through structural testing, or it may be that the current test strategy provides inadequate structural test coverage due to limited access.

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ASTER and Router Solutions announce ‘Test Strategy Management’ solution
ASTER and Router Solutions Incorporated (RSI) provide complete Test Strategy Management solution
ASTER and Router Solutions Incorporated (RSI) have collaborated to leverage the power of their respective TestWay and CAMCAD products to provide the complete Test Strategy Management solution.

This unique combination utilises ‘TestWay’s electrical rules analysis, test point analysis, test strategy optimization and test cost modelling based on purely schematic information, to identify where physical test access is mandatory.

complete Test Strategy Management solution

Once the layout has been defined, Router Solutions CAMCAD, mechanical DFT analysis tool can be utilised to provide physical confirmation of the nets that require test access for both soldermask and component outline availability. Once the test strategy is defined, strategy specific test files for each machine in the line can be generated.

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“QUADView” adds a new dimension to PCB schematic and layout viewing
QUADView has a unique PDF digitization capability that allows users to create the schematic viewing files  directly from a searchable PDF file.
ASTER has introduced the QUADView schematic and board layout viewer to their product portfolio. QUADView is a powerful visualization environment that interacts with the TestWay product to provide the respective graphical visualization for test coverage and fault diagnosis.


Visualization features are:
  • Schematic views can be created from standard formats such as HPGL, PDF etc.
  • Layout views can be created from standard formats such as CAMCAD, FATF, ODB++, GENCAD, or direct from CAD layout.
  • Search components, pins and nets throughout design hierarchy and across multiple sheets.
  • Cross-probing between schematics, layouts and TestWay report files.
  • Flexible color assignment to simplify test coverage analysis and fault localisation.
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QUAD (QualityADvisor) modularity, provides flexible quality management
QUAD’s flexibility allows data to be imported from any test or inspection system, either for repair or quality management purposes.
QUAD (QUality ADvisor) is a modular piece of software built around a centralized and opened database providing traceability for any PCB electronic production data. QUAD, designed to be easily included in any existing production environment offers a powerful support for PCB fault diagnostic and provides opened quality report capabilities, warning edition at any time in the assembly production tests flow.


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