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ASTER Technologies QUAD News
The ASTER Technologies
Dec 2008   Volume 5   Issue 1
Inside this issue...
  1. QuadView-TPQR allows independent coverage analysis for a combination of test equipments.
  2. TestWay is now fully supporting the Zuken CR5000 CAD system.
  3. "Do you need to know how testable is your board?" ASTER introduces their DfT services division.
  4. QUAD now integrates HALT/HASS traceability.
  5. QuadFeederSafe now ensures your feeder settings are made perfectly secure.
QuadView-TPQR allows independent coverage analysis for a combination of test  equipments
QuadView-TPQR the “low-cost” test coverage analysis tool launched by ASTER during the recent Electronica show in Munich, allows users to independently compute the test coverage provided by a wide variety of test/inspection equipment used within the electronics industry. For an entry price of €5250 the software configuration will include a "TestExpert", or CAMCAD importer, board layout viewer, one test equipment coverage analyzer and all reporting capabilities for computing the test coverage and creating detailed reports in HTML and MS-EXCEL format. ASTER also offer possibilities of license migration that makes it possible to convert a QuadView-TPQR configuration into TestWay for a more advanced level of coverage analysis.

Test Quality Report for TAKAYA Flying ProberTPQR checks the ability of each measurement/inspection test to catch certain defect types based on component type, value, tolerance, board connectivity, component location, shape, pitch etc.
It is built around the powerful QuadView, layout and schematic viewer, allowing users to visualize coverage at both device and pin level for any of the test/inspection machines used within the combined production line after test program debug, such as:
Agilent Technologies: 3070, 5DX, SJ10, SJ50; Teradyne: Z1800, Spectrum, GR228x; Takaya: APT800, APT900; Aeroflex: 42xx; SPEA: 4040; TRI; Orbotech; VI Technology; VISCOM; Saki; Asset; Corelis; Goepel; JTAG Technologies and XJTAG.

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TestWay now provides full support for the ZUKEN CR5000 CAD system
TestWay has been updated to provide the capability to import the native "PCF" layout file format for the Zuken CR5000 CAD system. This extends the number of data exchange features for this product, such as: import of schematic intelligent PDF, LAF schematic files; import of EDIF 2.0 or NDF netlist; creation of testpoint requirement back-annotation files; board design variant management through BOM.

TestWay provides sophisticated analysis capabilities including:
  • Electrical rules checking - that enables designers to validate designs at the schematic capture stage, to ensure that all possible measures have been taken, to maximize test coverage aligned to the PCB manufacturers test flow and prevent costly design errors at the earliest opportunity.

  • Test point saving - to identify nets not requiring physical test access, only placing test points where absolutely necessary and significantly reducing test fixturing costs due to less complex fixtures and fewer probes.

  • Test coverage estimation - to maximize test and inspection coverage by estimating the theoretical coverage aligned to test strategy, and perform 'what-if' analysis to identify the optimal test strategy to achieve maximum coverage, eliminating redundant test steps.

  • Test coverage measurement - import vendor specific test programs/reports, to determine the real test efficiency against the theoretical coverage expectations and identify areas for improvement.

  • Tester exporters - shorten the downstream test development process for boundary-scan tests by generating the test data files directly from schematic data, for JTAG Boundary-Scan tool vendors such as: ASSET, ACCULOGIC, CORELIS, GOEPEL, JTAG Technologies and TEMENTO.
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Do you need to know "how testable" is your board?
Francois BARACH, the services division manager, said "We have provided this service for a number of years for pre and post layout analysis. Customers get real benefits from identifying testability problems early in the design cycle and from evaluating the real test coverage provided by their post debug test programs."
ASTER provides a DfT Analysis service that allows customers to request a "design-for-test" analysis and a theoretical coverage estimation to be conducted on their own board design. This service has been introduced for customers who can't afford to purchase TestWay, or don't have the technical resources to provide an in-depth analysis, but need to validate the testability of their product.

In order to provide a DfT Analysis, ASTER will require:

  • Completion of non-disclosure agreement (protect your IP).
  • Schematic diagram for related board design (searchable PDF format preferred).
  • Schematic netlist file (details of CAD tool used for schematic capture required, to specify preferred file format).
  • Board layout file (details of CAD tool used for board layout required, to specify preferred file format).
  • Bill-of-Materials (BOM).
  • Customer expectations from the DfT and test coverage analysis i.e. what test strategies should be considered.

From this information, ASTER will provide an in-depth design/testability analysis, identifying any DfT violations applicable to the boundary-scan 1149.1 and ICT MIL-STD2165 structural test standards, and calculate the theoretical test coverage, dependant on the mix of test strategies defined by the customer, such as AOI, AXI, MDA, FPT, ICT, BST and FT.

ASTER can also provide a detailed test coverage analysis based on the actual coverage provided by a range of test/inspection equipments, by importing the debugged test or inspection programs. Upon completion of the analysis the customer will receive an in-depth synthetic report containing embedded reports generated by the TestWay analysis.

The price of such a service may vary according to the board complexity and the customer objectives for the DfT analysis, which will be determined once the board design has been reviewed.

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QUAD now integrates HALT/HASS traceability
Stephan ALLENE and Patrick GOUJON of Airbus, said "... QUAD is now capable to input HALT data and unite them in the existing database so that they could be analyzed automatically."
Thermal stress testQUAD (“QUality ADvisor”) is a MES software suite developed by ASTER Technologies to trace your actions and optimize your design and production costs. Thanks to Repair Assistant and failure analysis reporting. The HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) importation makes it possible to examine the possible failure causes related to the environment.

Stephan ALLENE and Patrick GOUJON, Avionics and Simulation engineers for AIRBUS said, “During the HALT Process, a product is subject to increasing stress levels of temperature, rapid thermal transitions, and other stresses specifically related to the operation of our products. QUAD is now capable to input such data and unite them in the existing database so that they could be analyzed automatically.”

This new feature also consists in collecting information from printing machines like DEK and selective soldering machines like ERSA, thus giving a global view on the quality of your production processes.

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QuadFeederSafe ensures your feeder settings are made perfectly secure
QFS ensures that your feeder settings are made perfectly secure, and checks their conformity with RoHS and MSD standards.
RoHS compliantQuadFeederSafe (QFS) is an extension of ASTER’s Quality Management Software suite (QUAD), intended to ensure that your feeder settings are safe during the complete board production process, by the means of assist and control features. It also includes a series of functions to optimize the use of components stocks and check their conformity with world-wide current standards (RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances such as lead, and MSD – Moisture Sensitive Devices).

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