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AUTOTESCON Maryland USA / Cesson-Sévigné FRANCE

November 2 2015

ASTER Technologies, the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability, Test Coverage analysis and Design for Excellence (DfX) products, announces a new product named twSystem: the first board level system viewer in the World!

twSystem can be used in the design environment to assist DfT and test coverage analysis at the schematic capture stage as well as during prototype troubleshooting. Within the manufacturing environment, it becomes an integral part of the repair cycle, assisting in the locating of faults and significantly reducing repair time.

twSystem is designed to import native CAD data, from all the most popular CAD tools, for each board comprising the system. In addition, a formal description of the backplane or cables is used to describe the interconnection of the boards.

When the CAD data of the system is loaded, twSystem delivers various representations of the system under analysis.

  • List of the boards, backplanes and cables comprising the system. When a board is part of an interconnection, the corresponding connection is highlighted.
  • Flat netlist view of the full system, which is the foundation for navigation between interconnecting boards within a system.
  • Mechanical 3D interactive view of the box, including the boards
  • One window for each active board. Each combining the BOM, schematic diagram and CAD layout.

Product performance is a critical issue in order to speed-up loading, viewing, searching and navigation, even when the system includes more than 10 boards with 3000 components on each.

This major innovation for system integration will be presented for the first time in the World during IEEE AUTOTESTCON. For more information, or to get a demonstration of these new features, why not visit ASTER Technologies at Booth 431 during the IEEE AUTOTESTCON show at the National Harbor, Maryland from November 3rd to 5th 2015. Alternatively visit aster-technologies.com or call 719-264-7698.

About ASTER Technologies

ASTER is the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability analysis tools, capitalizing on proven expertise in board testability and strong customer relations. Founded in 1993, ASTER develops a wide range of products dealing with Testability, Design for Excellence, Viewing and Quality Management. TestWay is a proven solution, used by many board designers and manufacturing companies worldwide. It provides, a unique approach, for identifying electrical testability requirements early in the design chain, analysis of test coverage, generation of assembly, inspection and test documentation and programs.

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